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St Pachomius the Great

Coptic Icon of St Pachomius the Great

Who is St. Pachomius?
St Pachomius is well known for many things.

First, he is the founder of the monastic life in Egypt around year 315 AD and from there to the whole world.

Second, he was a Chief in the army and was touched by the love of the Christian people of Esna in Upper Egypt, who offerred him and his soldiers food and drink. So he decided that if he would return safely from the war he will seek to learn more about Christianity.

He then left the army, became a disciple of the priest of the Church, baptized, and started the monastic life.

Third, he gathered his disciples (the monks) in monasteries which specialized in diferrent kinds of services to the community. Some educating the people how to read and write, some helping and treating the sick, some cultivating the land and opened their monestaries for the hungry people (especially at time of famine).

Fourth, all his actions of love was a fruit of the love of the true Christians of Esna who obeyed the Word of God when He said “I was hungery and you gave Me food … since you did it to one of My little brothers you did it to Me”. He even gave his life for the sick when he was serving those who have been affected by the epidemic plague until he himself got the disease and died. These are just very few thing about his life, a great example of “love never fails.”

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God bless!

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